As a professional women’s life & empowerment coach, I work with women to help them create the life of their dreams.  I help you to feel more empowered to make the changes that create balance, increase your self-confidence and create personal fulfillment.

I am invested in the success of my clients.  People need someone with the skills to help them prioritize, make choices, uncover limiting beliefs and change their problematic patterns and habits. Someone who will hold them accountable with their best interests at heart.




  • Improve the quality of your life in a meaningful way.
  • Have a stronger sense of life purpose and direction.
  • Embrace your authenticity & honour who you really are.
  • Reduce stress & take back control of your life.
  • Increase balance and prioritize.
  • Improve relationships. 
  • Have a stronger, closer & richer family life.
  • Discover & overcome whatever is holding you back
    from achieving what you truly want.


Katrina has had a huge impact on my outlook on life and my ability to see things from a different perspective. She has helped me discover the costs and benefits of stressors in my life and guided me in re-establishing my priorities, in order to live a happier, more balanced lifestyle. I am so grateful to have met Katrina and feel that I have learned so much about myself with her guidance and support.

Kelly-Anne, Ontario Canada

Katrina has helped me tremendously working through some issues I had been struggling with. She talked me through situations and helped me to see things in a new light that I hadn’t been able to see before, and she helped lead me to viable solutions that have had an amazing impact. With her help, I now have tools in place that I can use and expand upon to get back to the place in life where I can start to grow again.

Aaron, Seattle Washington

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