Journaling: A Powerful Resource

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Remember as teenagers, when we used to keep diaries?  We filled them with the events of the day…what we thought about….our dreams…. our secrets?

It was incredibly cathartic to write all of the ‘things’ onto the page.  It felt like someone was listening.  It felt like a safe space to just dump everything onto the paper.

Well, that’s it exactly.

Keeping a diary, is exactly the same as keeping a journal.  Except that now we’re adults.  And at this point, it’s more about understanding ourselves and less about who likes who and who doesn’t.


What journaling is…

Journaling is about engaging in a brain dump.  Allowing ourselves to express all of those things that are happening.  All of the emotions and feelings that we’re experiencing around events, relationships and ourselves.

It’s about creating a safe space for developing an understanding of who we are….and perhaps why.

It’s about having the freedom to write.  Everything.


What journaling is not…

Journalling has no space for judgment or criticism.  Any judgment defeats the purpose.


The process…

The process is simple:  Write.  Everything and anything.  Thoughts of the past, memories, difficult emotions, things that make you laugh, uncomfortable feelings, what you’re scared of, what you want….anything.

Then explore those thoughts.  Be inquisitive.  Be curious.  Without judgment or criticism.  Don’t make yourself wrong for what you write, feel or think.

It is through this exploration and introspection, that we can begin to understand.  We can begin healing.  We can grow.

So the purpose is understanding.

The purpose is compassion.

The purpose is to process your feelings, to write without judgment and to understand MORE about who you are, because of it.


If you’d like to learn more about any of the concepts discussed in this article, let’s have a conversation.

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Katrina Murphy

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