Ok, how many parents out there think “I’ve got this”…? Parenting is what you were naturally made for and you are in the zone with your kids, identifying their needs and really nailing it!!??


The reality is that you don’t know, what you don’t know, until you know

Seriously, parenting is hard…and I’m not talking about getting up at night with sick children or running taking them to sports and activities, I’m talking about the real stuff.  Later in the child phase…and into pre-teen, teens and young adulthood….it gets really real, real fast. 

Assuming that your child is well-adjusted and has strong character that will carry them through life’s challenges, is a joke.  The scope of what your child will probably experience will surprise you…and make you a little scared.  Good kids will see and hear and experience bad things.  They will talk to you about things that you weren’t prepared for….they will experience things that you never expected.  It’s just life.    

They will need you.

…And you will need your friends, family and whatever support network you have in place. 

So, when someone offers you advice, take it.   Take that little tidbit, file it away in a corner of your mind and leave it there.  Not all advice will work…will fit….but you might use part of an idea or assimilate it into a different way of thinking.  Just don’t assume that you have all the answers. Remember that old adage….”It takes a village…”?  Seriously people, it takes a village to raise a child.  You don’t have all the answers, but your community is there to help.

So what now….just listen. Listen to their advice. Take it, store it and decide later what is useful and what is not. You don’t know what kind of tools you will need along this incredible, bumpy fabulous parenting journey.

Love & Light XO

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