“I can only take so much of you”…

Said by a friend several years ago at a party, it was an offhand comment with serious repercussions.

wait, what?…

Am I that unbearable?
Do I piss everyone off this way?
Why doesn’t she like me?

…and there it is.

I made it about me, when it was really about her.

Unfortunately, this was a pattern in my life.  People telling me how I should be and how I should act…the role I should play.  It’s these little comments or negative responses to the way we are, that change how we feel about ourselves.

  • “Fit in”
  • “Be nice”
  • “Be quiet”

When we believe those voices and we change how we see ourselves, we shrink to fit into their expectations.

But authenticity demands that we show up exactly as we are, with no attachment to the BS that someone else is trying to drown us in.

If you listen to others, you will play small.

How powerful in your own life could you be, if you were free from all that BS?


I have long since distanced myself from this person.  But the words are still stuck in my head.

I can see them.

I just don’t believe them.

I’m not shrinking.


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