Boundaries are literally our personal rules of engagement.  They are the standard by which we teach others how to treat us.

Often overlooked, boundaries set the rules of engagement for what we are willing to tolerate, what we aren't.  So, if you're having issues in your relationships or with your self-esteem, this resource could make a difference in how you view both yourself and others.

Complete this workbook and gain an understanding of:

  • Why boundaries are important
  • The types of boundaries
  • What it looks like when boundaries aren't working
  • How to implement boundaries at home and work



Included with this workbook are two one-hour coaching calls to help you gain clarity around your goals.

These can be organized at the beginning and end of the workbook or beginning and middle...however it works best for you.


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Boundaries: Workbook + Calls

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This 23-page workbook is an intensive exploration into boundaries – why we need them and how to create your own.  It will provide insight into why boundaries are important and what it looks like if boundaries are both too fluid or too rigid.  This resource, in addition to the work-throughs and information, also includes two confidential Coaching calls to be scheduled at the discretion of the Coach and Purchaser.

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About The Author

About The Author

Katrina Murphy


Katrina is a Professional Life Coach specializing in areas of Mindset and Self-Acceptance.  She has 20+ years of experience in business, an Honors degree in Psychology and professional Certification as a Life Coach.

She is passionate about helping women re-ignite the fire within:  become reacquainted with their intuition, their inner fire, their sense of knowing and to trust their power moving into the future.


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Coaching is intended as a support for mentally well individuals and is not a replacement for counseling or therapy.

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