Meditation Resource

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This meditation startup resource is designed to build your practice from 1 minute to 10 over the course of 10 days.  Simple.  Easy to follow instructions that will change how you view meditation.

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Meditation Resource.

Have you ever noticed how it’s the most inopportune times when you get burst of inspiration or amazing ideas?

Why does this happen?

Because we’ve stopped.

We’ve taken a moment.

In these moments we’ve created space. And within that space lies clarity.

It’s this slow down of our minds that opens us up to new ideas, new innovations and allows our creativity to flourish as we gain new perspectives.

That’s the beauty of meditation.

It’s a deliberate way to create space that allows creativity and innovation to take over.

This Meditation Formula is a free resource for you to use.


PS:  If you’re struggling or would like support in changing what’s not working, let’s have a conversation.


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