OMG…he’s walking away again…

Ok, do something…say something…stop this old pattern…

“Don’t walk away from me…that’s what you always do.  If we want different we have to do something different…”

We had yelled and been angry at each other for the second time that week.  Anger over an old argument that wasn’t going away.  He was right.  I was right.  How does that go away…?

But in that moment he paused.  …and turned back.

And as we embraced, his whispered confession fell on a heart open and filled with love instead of anger.

We made progress.  We did something different. 


If you can just do one thing differently…something that doesn’t reflect the same pattern of behaviour in your relationships, you have forward momentum.  You can start the change.  You can create something better.

Not perfect.  But beautiful.

In that moment, we both chose differently and because of that, we are trying to create something different…something new.

So we are building.  Working for better.

We left anger behind and chose love instead.

Maybe we’re even leading from love.


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