I decided a long time ago, that forgiveness was radically important in moving past issues that we all face.

Whether it’s a bully, or a parent that was distant, a trauma or whatever happened…forgiveness is essential.

Forgiveness says:

Ok yeah, that happened….but I’m not controlled by it, the anger surrounding the experience doesn’t have a hold over me anymore and most importantly, that event DOES NOT DEFINE ME.

But what about forgiving ourselves?

What happens when you’ve done the work.  You’ve faced the fear.  You’ve forgiven.

But there’s still a hold over you.

You are triggered by something and all the beliefs and feelings come flooding back.  You still feel like that event is holding you back.  Some days you are just stuck.  The beliefs that you’ve created are like a road block in front of you.

Chances are, you need to forgive yourself:

  • Forgive yourself for blaming yourself
  • Forgive yourself for creating a belief about yourself or the world around you
  • Forgive yourself for holding onto the pain
  • Forgive yourself for judging yourself

Allowing yourself to be forgiven is pivotal in healing.  This is the key to letting go of the beliefs, feelings and defining moments that surround the pain.

So journal.  Write your thoughts…think things through….allow yourself to consider that you also need to be forgiven.  If you forgave yourself…what would it be for?  How would that look?  How would it change how you feel?

This forgiveness…this compassion for ourselves…THAT is what will make all the difference moving forward.


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