“It’s not enough…”

Two beautiful boys, a dedicated partner, a side hustle and working for my husband in his business, I was busying myself with social engagements, friends, kids, and hobbies.  Perfect life, right?  Well, things looked great on the outside….they always do.

Inside, I was struggling…  My relationship wasn’t thriving…our kids were good, but I wasn’t fulfilled by anything in my life.  Struggling with the guilt of wanting more and making myself a priority…why am I being so selfish?  Shouldn’t I be happy?  Don’t I have enough?  Beating myself up with regret and shame for not pursuing my career path.  

No.  It wasn’t enough.

The problem is, I had lost me.  Somewhere after university and amidst lunches and sports and volunteering…I had lost my connection with my intuition, my sense of purpose and being a priority in my own life.  I had abandoned everything that was ‘me’…things that defined me and empowered me…those were gone.

I knew something had to change…but what if change meant that I would be taking away from my kids, my relationship and my husband’s business?  Prioritizing myself somehow meant that everyone and everything else would suffer.  What if change meant loss?

I was wrong.

As a Transformational Mindset and Self-Acceptance Coach, I help women who are overwhelmed and exhausted, free themselves from the resignation and acceptance of the status quo.   Together we break through your plateau to create change in your fundamental beliefs and awareness.  This evolution ultimately brings out the highest potential in you, how you show up in your career, relationships and as a parent.  By reconnecting with your inner wisdom, you re-establish your power, passion and purpose.

What I mean is, I help you reconnect to the FIRE inside you!!!

As your Coach, I will help you:

  • Silence the inner critic
  • Identify limiting beliefs and remove blocks to success
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Challenge your self-perception & build confidence
  • Gain a clear sense of direction in your career
  • Reconnect in your relationships & build intimacy
  • Establish clarity on your purpose
  • Develop your passion for the future

I know how you feel:  Disconnected and unfocussed. 

You don’t have to pretend.  
Change is possible.  



If you are ready to change your life, let’s do it!

    • raise self-esteem and rebuild confidence
    • re-connect with who you truly are
    • change your mindset
    • trust your intuition
    • learn to be your authentic self 
    • uncover and overcome self-limiting beliefs
    • transform destructive and negative self-talk 
    • discover your inner strength
    • discover your life purpose
    • amplify your wellness goals
    • improve the connection in your relationships
    • achieve work/life balance
    • learn to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
    • create more inner peace, fulfillment, happiness & resilience
    • communicate more effectively, authentically and honestly with others
    • re-energize your career 


Whether you’re facing the challenge of change or feel confused, stuck and struggling to define and take the next step forward, I can help. 

As your coach I listen, reflect and illustrate both what you are saying and not saying.  I am honest and compassionate, with a method that is both probing and provocative. I will help you simplify complex situations, and keep you focused on what matters most.  I will encourage you to speak and act with authenticity and determination on your journey of growth and success.  I will boost your determination and hold you accountable to the actions and goals we set.

Together we can.

Coaching is intended as a support for mentally well individuals and is not a replacement for counseling or therapy.

Copyright Katrina Murphy Coaching 2018

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